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20+ Pets Who Are Having the Best Day of Their Lives (You Can Tell From Their Faces)

There are many things that make our pets happy. Celebrating their birthday, going out to the park in the rain, taking a nap in a safe and comfortable place, going for a walk, having visitors, or getting treats. Pets can be so grateful that sometimes just our company is enough for them to feel protected and loved.

Bright Side loves happy pets. That’s why we searched the internet and found many pics shared by their owners. Just look at their faces if you want to see what happiness looks like in its purest state.

1. “Took these pictures after picking him up from a spa day. This fool just sat there with a big smile and winked at me ”

2. “My kitty was sleeping on me with this adorable smile.”

3. “Cowl neck shirts = kitten hammocks”

4. “Sadie Mae smiles when Monday rolls around because her cousins come to play.”

5. “Mikey’s face when he left the shelter for his forever home!”

6. “These kittens followed my mom home on a walk. Not sure if they’re siblings, best friends, or both.”

7. “13 silly years together! Happy Birthday Otis!”

8. “Happy pup and happy girlfriend”

9. “My husky, Sasha, enjoying her 6th birthday with her friends”

10. “What a beautiful bond”

11. “After he thoroughly tore up all the Christmas wrap we gave to him to destroy”

12. “She likes to strike a pose when I get the camera out.”

13. I’m ready to watch the game, boy.

14. Can you also tell how happy this furry friend is?

15. “Drying her off after our walk in the rain. Enjoying this season as I get to spend more time with my girl.”

16. “My happy cat”

17. “A very happy boy after we rescued him from the mean, rainy streets of LA”

18. “Are we there yet?”

19. “First day in Cusco, Peru and I met an alpaca.”

20. “Here is my new kitten. So cute!”

21. “Honey bunny loves to flop next to me on the couch. Today she’s just extra cuddly.”

When was the last time you saw your pet this happy? Did you manage to capture that moment by taking an amazing pic? If you did, share it with us in the comments!

Preview photo credit @tay03100 / Twitter
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