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20+ Photos Proving That Our Pets Are Adorable Hooligans

While you can trust your dog to guard your house, you can’t necessarily trust them to guard your sandwich. While owning a cat, you may discover that they can be both wild and domestic at the same time, all depending on their whimsical mood. We consider them our home treasures, and their shenanigans, no matter if they’re big or small, quickly are forgiven following a single glance at their darling little faces!

We at Bright Side couldn’t help smiling at the funny moments captured by pet owners. And we would love to share them with you.

1. “He’s posing for his adoption photo.”

2. Please keep your bulldog at room temperature.

3. “My cat’s face before and after my wife told her that the high chair wasn’t for her”

4. “I’m up, so you’re up!”

5. “When you’re trying to do a puzzle, he comes and sits on top of the pieces. The look he’s given me says it’s deliberate.”

6. Teacher: “Everyone gets an A because my dog ate all your homework.”

7. “Good doggo collected all the balls and a bonus stick: 12/10.”

8. “We were only gone for an hour.”

9. “Why sit on the floor when you can sit on the wall?”

10. “Don’t squeeze my food out of me, you silly girl!”

11. “First you must answer the riddles!”

12. “What do you mean there’s something behind me?”

13. “This is a small box, but I’ll try to sit in it!”

14. “My cat found a new way to tell me to feed him. He takes food from the kitchen counter and leaves it next to me in bed while I sleep.”

15. “My assignment preparation isn’t going the way I planned.”

16. “Let me feel how perfection tastes!”

17. “Beware of dog! Feel your knees trembling?”

18. “Maizy doesn’t appreciate walking long distances.”

19. “Candy the Corgi is one of the most famous hooligans on the web. She likes to scare her owners and sleep in watermelons.”

20. “Did you just say we’re going to have broccoli for lunch?!”

21. Be careful! Shenanigans are contagious!

22. “Maizy, a pig-pug who is skeptical about hygiene”

What is the cutest trick your dog or cat has ever demonstrated for you? Maybe they’re doing something funny while you’re reading these very words! Grab your camera and show us the pics!

Preview photo credit healzman / Reddit
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