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20+ Pics That Prove Animals Are Just Furry Humans

When the cat starts throwing flirting glances while sitting in a frisky pose, or the dog rolls his eyes when another canine comes to visit, or you see that tired look a feline mother with multiple kittens gives you... All of these things lead us to believe that animals are much closer to us than we think, at least with their bright and sometimes hilarious emotions. And these Reddit users know this better than all of us!

Here at Bright Side, we love seeing photos where animals act like humans, and what we love even more is to share them with you! You can thank us later.

1. Look at that meowdel!

2. Someone’s had a beary rough day.

3. Oh, hey... I didn’t see you there...

4. He’s apparently seen some things.

5. Sitting there, pretending to be human...

6. My friends’ dogs... Walter hates Max.

7. When mom tells you to hug each other to make a nice family picture:

8. Have kids they said, it’ll be fun they said.

9. What she does when I’m outside and she wants attention.

10. The doggo impersonation of the sound “hehe.”

11. Branch Manager and Assistant Branch Manager

12. Walked in to find these 2 trying to drown their brother

13. “Girlfriend was attempting to make our puppy an Instagram dog. This was the result.”

14. “I promise you it wasn’t me.”

15. Judging by the chair on the left, karma got him.

16. When you’re doing your homework at 2 AM and realize that you don’t understand a word:

17. Look back but don’t make it obvious.

18. “Nothing to see here... move along.”

19. Karen, are you sure you’re cooking it the right way?

20. Bae took a picture of me sleeping.

21. Almost every family has that relative who photobombs the family picture. This family has 2.

22. Proof that cats, like humans, not only give emotional support, but physical support too.

Has your pet ever done something human? We’d be happy to see your pics and comments in the section below!

Preview photo credit ipostrandom***p / reddit
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