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21 Pics That Prove Pets Can Sleep Pretty Much Anywhere They Want

Unlike their human counterparts, pets can fall asleep anywhere, anytime. Our 4-legged-friends have been spotted sleeping nearly anywhere! The locations could consist of a perfectly matched pillow, winter boots, a guitar, and so on. Who knows where we’ll catch them sleeping next?

Bright Side knows that life is nothing but a circle of surprises, so let’s see where these 21 sleepyheads decided to take a nap.

1. “My pillow has a surprise inside!”

2. “My new kitten finally began to like me and fell asleep on my arm! Can’t move now...”

3. “This little weirdo fell asleep and lodged himself in the couch cushions. He will not let me move him.”

4. “This is Zissou, my gaming familiar. He invades my personal space all the time!”

5. “This little guy fell asleep on my foot...”

6. “Couldn’t find my kitten anywhere, then I walked by the potted plant and saw this...”

7. “She fell asleep like this while waiting by the window for my girlfriend to come home.”

8. “Pat the cat fell asleep like this after ’helping’ me crochet!”

9. “Nala fell asleep on the scale at her first visit to the vet.”

10. “My girlfriend’s cat ate too much and fell asleep on the windowsill.”

11. “This cat who fell asleep in the pottery store I visited today”

12. “My sister’s dog had puppies, and one of them fell asleep while trying to escape.”

13. “My mom’s Maine Coon fell asleep in a wreath before they could hang it up.”

14. “Samson fell asleep in the middle of his guitar lesson.”

15. “A stray kitten fell asleep in my combat helmet.”

16. “I fell asleep watching a movie and Arya found the comfiest spot to sleep.”

17. “Our baby kitten fell asleep while trying to climb in her litter box.”

18. “They fell asleep while playing on top of the scratching post.”

19. It seems like they found the most comfortable place to take a nap.

20. It feels like someone had a very hard day.

21. “My corgi fell asleep while drinking water.”

What was the most unexpected place you caught your pet sleeping? Did you manage to take pics? Share them down below, we’d love to see them!

Preview photo credit Jezoreczek / Reddit