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A Deaf Guy Adopted a Deaf Puppy, and Their Connection Is Really Special

Most shelter animals don’t seem “adoptable” because of their age or health issues. That’s why people who actually adopt these pets from shelters can be considered real heroes. And one of them is featured in today’s article.

We at Bright Side were absolutely touched by the story of Nick and Emerson, and we’re incredibly eager to share it with you.

An unwanted puppy was waiting for the right person.

The story of Emerson is not an easy one to swallow. At just 6 six weeks old, the puppy was dumped off at a shelter in Florida, fought for his tiny life through seizures and parvovirus, and lost his hearing as a result.

But this little lab mix puppy was always a fighter. Later on, he came to the NFR Maine Rescue Shelter together with his siblings where he had been taken good care of. He overcame his health issues and was put on the adoption list along with his brothers and sisters.

Emerson’s siblings found their forever homes right away. But for Emerson, the process of adoption was harder. After all, he was deaf and needed a special owner to live with.

The puppy’s call was heard.

Nick Abbott wasn’t even looking for a dog when he first saw an ad on Facebook. But the puppy’s story touched him in a deeply personal way, so he decided to go to the shelter just to check him out.

The reason why Nick rushed to see the puppy was because he was born deaf and could perfectly relate to the difficulties Emerson faced in his life. “I thought we’d have a good connection,” said Nick. And he was absolutely right!

They fell in love at first sight.

When Nick came to the shelter, he saw a few dogs playing around. But only one of them paid attention to the newcomer. It was Emerson, a 12-week-old puppy at that time. The dog made a beeline for Nick and sat right at his feet. And then, according to Nick, things just clicked.

The man and the puppy played together for some time and quickly built a strong connection. So, in less than 24 hours, all the adoption procedures were finished and Emerson got a new home.

They don’t need words to understand each other.

Emerson got used to his new home quickly. Today, he’s a healthy, happy dog who enjoys his life with a loving and caring owner.

But an inability to hear doesn’t keep the dog down — to make their communication even easier, Nick has been teaching him some simple sign language commands like sit, lay down, and come.

This story has a happy ending.

Emerson had a really rough start to life, but he ended up having a fairy tale ending by finding a human who perfectly understood him. As for Nick, the friendship has changed his life for the better. He feels happier now and loves his dog with all his heart.

Could you adopt a pet with special needs? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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