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A Rescued Kitten Was Raised by 2 Dogs Thinking He’s a Dog Too, and It’s Sweeter Than Honey

We all know the expression “fighting like cats and dogs.” In fact, canines and felines can actually be friends and take care of each other. A couple of years ago, a firefighter from Belgium saved a kitty and brought him home, where he already had 2 dogs. The dogs raised him as one of their own, and the family shared their story on Reddit. The internet immediately fell in love with this wholesome trio.

Here at Bright Side we love dogs and cats, and when they get along well, we can’t help but invite you to take a glance at their purrfect world with us.

Nathalie’s husband, who is a firefighter, found Azmael covered in blood.

Nathalie, Reddit user Doudouisawesome, posted a photo of her ginger cat Azmael explaining that he was seriously injured when he was a baby, at just a few weeks old. A couple of years ago Nathalie`s husband, a firefighter, found a bleeding kitten who was hit by a car and decided to adopt him. The entire family, including their 2 dogs, welcomed him warmly. The pooches, in fact, were very worried about him and raised Azmael as a part of their dog pack.

The 2 dogs became overprotective when Azmael was brought home after the car accident.

Azmael’s dog “parents” are a White Swiss Shepherd named Liam and an Altdeutscher Schäferhund named Nimue. Nathalie shared that he could barely walk because of his injuries when he was a baby. Now he sometimes acts like his older brothers, showing his belly or sitting like a dog.

The family actually has 5 pets.

5 pets is a lot of work. After Azmael the family adopted 2 more kittens and were a little worried about whether it would be too much. But according to Nathalie, the Altdeutscher Schäferhund, Nimue, is a great nanny — she cleaned the babies and played with them every day. It’s probably a blessing to have such great canine helpers!

How many pets do you have? If you have several, do they get along well? We’d be happy to hear from you in the comment section below!

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