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Reddit Users Shared Their Pet Adoption Pics That Will Give You All The Feels

There is no better feeling than adopting a soul who has been waiting for that moment for its whole life. We can’t adopt them all, sadly, but we can certainly look at photos of them being adopted and getting to live the life they deserve, and that is honestly the most wholesome feeling ever.

Users on Reddit are sharing their precious adoption moments on the internet. Bright Side has picked 20 of the best ones and listed them below.

1. “Now that I live alone, I decided to get a pug to keep me company. I’d say I just made the best decision of my life!!”

2. My betta fish, 9 months before and after it got the love it deserved.

3. “One hour after I adopted him”

4. Adopted my first cat ever today and he’s already become my snuggle buddy.

5. “We adopted a scared, paralyzed dog no one else would take and he turned into the cutest, craziest boy.”

6. Little guy walked up to me 2 months ago while I was in my front yard and changed everything for the better.

7. What true love looks like:

8. What it looks like when you finally find your feline soulmate:

9. My foster guy and intern at work. He supplies snuggles.

10. The kind of glow-up photos that matter the most

11. Find someone who looks at you the way this dog looks at his mom.

12. Guess who adopted whom.

13. “This year has been rough, so I adopted this cat and things have been better.”

14. “We adopted this blind kitty (Cuga) and she seems to have found her favorite spot. She does this nearly every day.”

15. “When I found her, I spent almost 3 days in a row without sleeping. She was very ill. Now she is OK.”

16. “I don’t want another cat, they never like me...” meet big Tony and lil’ Tony.

17. “Wasn’t sure how my rescue kitten would handle her first night. Woke up like this.”

18. Just adopted a brother and sister, and boom, I’m in heaven.

19. “Adoption Day vs Today”

20. “10 minutes after adopting this lil’ street boii, this was his reaction. When they know they know.”

What was your pet’s reaction when you first got them?

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