This Young Woman and Her 9 Dogs Visit Hospitalized People, Bringing Happiness to Those Who Need It Most

Mackenzie is a young woman who raised 9 Newfoundland dogs for her nonprofit organization which is devoted to providing canine therapy for people in hospitals and those who are undergoing treatment. It all started when those very same dogs helped Diedre, Mackenzie’s mother, cheer up during her battle with colon cancer. They both started telling their story through social media where people learned more about their work.

Bright Side wants to share this beautiful story of a mother, a daughter, and their 9 dogs that bring happiness to those who are in desperate need of a smile.

Mackenzie’s mother played an essential role in helping her build the dream.

Mackenzie Makatche is a 28-year-old girl from Pennsylvania, US. Along with her 9 dogs, she helps hospitalized patients and people undergoing treatment. It all started after Diedre, Mackenzie’s mother, was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer in 2016.

7 dogs became part of the family and helped Diedre fight cancer.

Back then, the family had 7 doggies that supported her during the difficult process. Diedre was the first “patient” to receive care from her fluffy friends.

Instagram was the perfect place to share the story of Diedre and her dogs.

As they went through that delicate journey, the mother and daughter created an Instagram account. There, they shared their activities and the fundamental role that the dogs played in supporting and comforting sick people. They also adopted 2 more puppies and received lots of messages filled with words of love and encouragement.

Mackenzie said that on the social media platform, she found a great audience willing to send her prayers for her mother.

Even though the battle was lost, there were still many dreams waiting to be fulfilled.

Sadly, Diedre didn’t overcome her struggle. But she left the seed of a dream, and Mackenzie managed to make it come true. She created The Newf Crew, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing canine therapy.

“Knowing that people cared meant the world to my mother,” said the young woman, regarding all the love and support she received through social media before and after Diedre’s passing.

Now their goal is to help others.

The organization is led by Mackenzie and her 9 dogs: Guinness, Murphy, Storm, Skyy, Aisling, Oliver, Belle, Duncan, and Coeli. 3 of them have received the necessary training to become therapy dogs.

The 9 Newfoundland dogs have also helped Mackenzie deal with her pain.

Through her Instagram account, the young woman shares the breeding process of her dogs who helped her overcome her loss. “If it weren’t for the dogs, there would be so many days that I would’ve stayed in bed after my mom died,” she said in an interview.

Mackenzie became popular on the Internet, in part, thanks to a meme where she appears with her dogs.

She gained some popularity on the web for having her own meme, where she’s pictured carrying many of her dogs when they were still puppies. When talking about all the attention she has received, she said it’s cool to know that people show interest in her pets.

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