10 Future Inventions That May Replace Familiar Things in Our Lives

About 20 years ago, the world was mesmerized by the concept of Bluetooth. And today, you can connect your smartphone to lots of things, even your toaster. It’s hard to imagine a world where robots will paint our nails and our clothes will simply clean themselves, but this reality is not so far off.

Bright Side is always looking ahead, and that’s why we have put together a list of futuristic inventions that could eventually replace many of the ordinary objects we use today.

1. Self-cleaning clothes

Missing the wash day might not be such a big deal in the future. This is because Australian scientists have invented a textile that cleans itself. The fabric uses nanostructures that can dissolve dirt and stains when exposed to light. So one day, when you spill spaghetti sauce on your shirt, you’ll be able to just hold it up to the lightbulb above you, and Voila, the stain will be gone.

2. Color-changing windows that produce electricity

Utilizing a new solar material, scientists have created a window that darkens when temperatures rise so that infrared wavelengths cannot enter buildings. This means that these windows could replace air conditioners.

And even more impressive is the idea that windows will produce electricity because they’ll double as solar panels.

3. Robotic guide dogs

The robotic guide dog, created by researchers at the University of California, has demonstrated how robots could aid those who are visually impaired. The small robot has a depth camera and a leash with a sensor, allowing it to sense obstacles and safely lead its owner.

This technology is still in the prototype phase, but as technology advances, robotic guide dogs will become more complex and accessible.

4. Smart beds

If you’re the kind of person who has restless nights, a smart bed might be the solution. Smart beds collect data about your sleep patterns and behaviors and can send sleep reports right to your smartphone. The bed can then adjust its features to give you your best night’s sleep.

Smart beds allow you to adjust different features, such as mattress positioning and temperature, to give you a personalized sleep experience. Smart beds will also have other features that include built-in projectors so that you can watch TV.

5. A robot nurse assistant

Robots are being designed to help nurses with routine tasks, such as lifting patients out of bed and measuring vital signs. These robots can save nurses time and may make hospitals more efficient.

6. Doors that scan barcodes

In the future, you may never have to wait in line again because of technology known as automatic identification and data collection. Basically, there will be scanners by the door, and when you leave with your items, they’ll be automatically scanned and money will be taken directly out of your bank account.

7. Augmented reality directions

Live view is currently an option on Google, which utilizes augmented reality to give you directions. However, the future of augmented reality (AR) directions could spread to car windshields. The names of buildings and roads would just appear in front of you as if they were written on the buildings themselves.

8. Smart locks

Smart locks exist today but they’re not widely used yet. Like other smart devices, these locks can connect to your phone. An app allows you to lock and unlock your house remotely and can even set a schedule for your doors to lock at certain times.

9. AR glasses

AR glasses or “smart glasses” have been created, but there are still a few kinks to work out before they’re popularized. Smart glasses will be able to show you everything your phone could, such as the weather, messages, and directions. They’re basically wearable computers.

10. The nailbot

Painting your own nails can be difficult, especially when they’re on your dominant hand. There are a few robotic nail painting appliances out there today, such as the Nimble. However, a commercial product with the precision needed to paint a human hand has not yet been achieved.

Do you think robots and smart devices will make our lives better or worse? What inventions do you want to exist in the future?

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