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10+ Girls Whose Day Turned Into a Mean Joke

Little problems are everywhere around us, but there are those peculiar fails that most of women are aware of: a bad haircut, trendy makeup that gets confused with a sweaty face, or an awful concealer.

Bright Side feels sorry for each of these girls, but we just can’t help but share these photos with you.

Apparently, this is not the only hair problem that upsets women.

Movie “surprises” in real life

“This is the look I genuinely thought would make my musical idol fall in love with me in 2008.”

My nail artist: “What color do you want?”

Me: “Yes.”

“I was drunk, took off my lashes, stuck them on a napkin, and labeled them.”

When you understand what fame is:

“Me without concealer vs Me with 5 layers of concealer”

The most striking drawback

“When everything’s OK now, but you’re still thinking about what you should’ve said while arguing with him.”

A whole new level

Modern makeup trends in men’s eyes:

“Me and my girls outside the club at 4 am trying to figure out what a Nissan Honda looks like.”

“6 months ago I decided to do squats each time something went wrong, and it was probably my best decision ever.”

I tried to be romantic and carry my wife out of the ceremony. Luckily, this was after she said “I do.”

Have you ever had fails you’d like to share with the whole internet?

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