9 Strange Facts That Can Shake Up Your World

There are many amazing things in this world like rainbows that can appear at night, coyotes that can be friends with badgers and scammers that get scammed. In other words, nature, people, and animals can always amaze us and we try to amaze our readers with them!

Bright Side has prepared a new compilation of interesting facts about our world and the lives of its inhabitants.

Orangutan males can be attracted to women with red hair.

Orangutans have a funny trait: males sometimes show attention not only to females but also to women if they have red hair (just like the apes themselves). For example, orangutan Hsing Hsing from an Australian zoo has once stolen a photo of Nicole Kidman from a magazine and brought it to its home. Apparently, he liked her very much.

The fraudsters who sold a fake painting for $1.7 million were paid with counterfeit bills.

If there were a competition for the unluckiest couple of fraudsters in history, these 2 men from Spain would win it. In 2003, they arranged to sell a fake painting by Goya but in fact, it was painted by a Spanish artist named Antonio María Esquivel.

The buyer, “a rich Arabian sheik” was working with a middleman who asked the sellers for a commission of $300,000. It is strange but the fraudsters didn’t suspect anything and borrowed this money from a person they knew and went to make the deal.

Initially, the men were going to sell the painting for 4 million CHF but they ended up with only 1.7 million CHF (which is around $1.7 million). The problem was that the money was fake just like the painting. The men were arrested when they tried to deposit the money to a bank account and the middleman was never found.

In Australia, an episode of Peppa Pig was banned because it taught children not to be scared of spiders.

A pretty harmless episode of this children’s show was banned in Australia after many parents complained that it misinformed their children telling them that there was nothing scary about spiders. The thing is, in Australia, there are spiders that are much more dangerous and deadly than the ones people see in Europe and America. You should be really careful with them.

An officer at the Louisiana Correctional Facility was so popular among the inmates that they threw a party for him.

An officer at the Louisiana Correctional Facility named John Whitley was so kind and fair to the inmates that they actually liked him a lot. For the years that John worked at the facility, he managed to decrease the amount of aggression, make a reward system for good behavior, help the inmates get an education, and make some serious changes.

For example, it was his idea to let the most trusted inmates leave prison to take part in sports competitions and other events. So it was no surprise that when Whitley decided to retire, his inmates threw a farewell party in his honor.

A Canadian man who was lost in the woods damaged the powerline so that the maintenance crew could find and rescue him.

An inhabitant of the Canadian province, Saskatchewan was fishing on his boat when a storm started right above the lake. The boat was moved to a place the fisherman was not familiar with and it got stuck in the bushes. The man couldn’t find his way out of the forest on his own and he had no idea where he was. He was desperate and made an unusual decision: he broke the powerline near him with an ax and waited for a helicopter to arrive and rescue him.

His thinking was right: the helicopter did arrive and rescue the man. However, he had to pay a fine for the damage and the fact that other people had to spend 30 hours without power. But life is way more important, isn’t it?

Coyotes can hunt with badgers.

In different fairytales, there are stories of friendship between different animals. For example, American Indians have fairytales about the friendship between coyotes and badgers which is actually real. Coyotes and badgers hunt together because they each have advantages that the other species doesn’t.

Badgers can catch prey in burrows and coyotes can’t do that, and coyotes can effectively chase animals on the ground. Additionally, coyotes have better vision, and badgers have a great sense of smell. So badgers can dig out small animals making them run away right to the paws of a coyote waiting nearby.

There is a kind of grape that tastes exactly like cotton candy.

A group of plant breeders from California bred a kind of grape that has 12% more sugar than regular grapes. It took the breeders 12 years and in 2013, the sales of the new grapes began.

The grapes smell and look just like regular grapes but the taste is almost identical to cotton candy. This is a great alternative to regular sweets.

The World cruise ship is a forever home for some.

The World is a cruise ship you can live on. The people who live on it own spacious and comfortable cabins/apartments. The people always live on board (or come on when they want) while the ship is on its cruise around the world making 2-3-day stops in different ports.

The price of an apartment on the ship is quite expensive with rates anywhere from $2.7 to $9.1 million. But the price is not a problem for those who have always wanted to have such a life. Most of the cabins were bought way before the construction of the ship was finished. You can take your friends and family on board and also rent out the rooms. The average age of people who live on the ship is 64.

Rainbows can appear at night.

The Moonbow is, as the name suggests, caused by the moon. It is less bright than a regular rainbow and it appears to be white to the human eye even though it’s capable of capturing the colors of a long-exposure photo.

The Moonbow can be seen in places near waterfalls or when there are rains in certain conditions: the full moon shouldn’t be too high in the sky and the sky itself should be dark. The size of the Moonbow is pretty much the same as a regular rainbow.

Bonus: Marilyn Monroe had a higher IQ than Albert Einstein.

There is information that shows Marilyn Monroe had an IQ of 163-168, while Albert Einstein’s was 160. Of course, there is no way to prove or check this fact now but it is known that she really was an intelligent woman. She read a lot and had wide-ranging interests. Another fun fact is that Albert Einstein once gave her his own autographed picture which was really important to her.

Which fact amazed you the most? Do you know some interesting facts that other people don’t? Tell us in the comment section below.

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