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10 Times People Proved That Arrogance Knows No Limits

Who hasn’t met arrogant people? You do a good deed, but still feel like you owe something to a complete stranger. Or people may try to bargain with you, even if the price of the high-quality device you’re trying to sell is already extremely low. But really, what can we expect from the rest of the world, if even our fluffy family members steal our food right from our plates?

We at Bright Side know that arrogance shouldn’t be tolerated and we suggest fighting back with the help of a good old time-tested method— a sense of humor.

1. We wonder if the wallet was ever returned to the owner.

2. “This is a parking lot I can see from my hotel room.”

3. This is how the proverb, “There is no good deed that goes unpunished,” works in real life:

4. An attempt to sell a stunt scooter for $120:

5. Arrogance knows no borders, only ungratefulness.

6. “My wife ‘warms up’ her chocolate candies on her $800 laptop. She uses my laptop for the same purpose without getting my permission first.”

7. “I was trying to take a picture of my lobster roll, and this happened:”

8. “Yeah, I just wanted to drink some warm milk in front of my computer. But when I poured this milk into his bowl, it turned out to be not so tasty anymore. Fluffy jerk!”

9. Everyone loves free stuff:

10. “This is just more proof that a human can achieve many things. Even if some of your physical abilities are limited, you still can do well. I look at this and even start to feel a bit envious:”

Have you ever met an arrogant person? Tell us about the last time you had to deal with someone like this.

Preview photo credit The_ledgand69 / reddit