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13 Comics That Show Why It Might Be Hard for Older Generations to Understand Youth

Each generation describes the next one with one phrase, “We were not like this.” Boomers are not satisfied with Millennials, while the latter have already started to complain that “Today’s fashion is weird,” and that “The grass was greener in the past,” when looking at the representatives of Gen-Z.

We at Bright Side decided to figure out in what ways today’s youth differ from their parents in their youth and whether the generation gap is really that big.

Gadgets became more compact...

... but the abundance of these gadgets didn’t affect our ability to solve problems without using them.

30 years ago people were creating families a much younger age than now.

Today the youth prefer a more mobile means of transport. It saves time and money and is environmentally friendly.

Food delivery services will likely soon deprive people of all their culinary skills.

Searching for their place in life takes today’s youth much more money today than their parents.

The modern hectic lifestyle doesn’t leave any time for good nutrition.

And the abundance of semi-finished products on store shelves and the desire to save time reduce our interest in tasty and healthy food.

The attention men pay to their appearance has gained colossal attention in recent years.

In lieu of watching soap operas, free time is now dedicated to social media.

Young people don’t bother much about house chores.

They have an easier attitude toward not having a life partner.

But no matter how strong the difference between generations is, some things will always stay the same.

Do you feel the generation gap?

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