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14 Gifts People Got at the Most Unexpected Time

There are 2 kinds of people in the world: people who never get lucky, and those who get gifts from the universe every day. The latter are able to find big sums of money in the most unexpected places or win valuable things in contests and the former can’t even believe that, because it doesn’t happen to them.

We at Bright Side love to hear stories about people getting really lucky. These stories give us hope that the Universe still has lots of surprises for all of us and our readers.

  • I remember I was selling roses on a busy street downtown and it wasn’t going very well. Even though I had a nice-looking basket and I turned on some romantic music on a portable speaker. A young man came up and asked how much the roses cost. I told him the regular price and then told him I could sell them for a little bit cheaper. He bought all of them: 33 amazing red roses! But he bought them on condition: I had to give away these 33 roses to 33 girls around me (one for each). After we made the deal, he also asked me to have fun and tell each girl that the flower was from a young man. He told me not to point at him, but instead to point at any guy that was walking alone. The reactions from girls were very different — some were startled and shy, and others were happy and laughing. The guy just wanted to bring some happiness to a bunch of girls he didn’t know. Maybe some of them found their true love. © Podslushano / Vk

  • In the morning, I decided to wear a pair of pants I hadn’t worn for like a year. I took them out of the closet, put them on, put my hand into the left pocket. And I felt something nice. I found bills! It was definitely money, but how much? In a couple of seconds, I took it out and found out it was $200! I was so happy. How could I have forgotten about $200? I still can’t believe it, but it doesn’t matter. I hope the same happens to everyone! © Korado / Pikabu

  • You know, I thought there was no such thing as a miracle. Boy, I was wrong! So, I decided to take part in a contest where you had to post a photo and the organizer would choose the 10 best candidates for the final part. And somehow I got through to the finals! So, they were going to choose the winner randomly. And guess who the winner was of a new iPhone! Of course, it was me! I’m still sitting here totally shocked with this white box in my hands! I can’t believe my luck! © Ward № 6 / Vk

  • Back when I was in 8th grade, I had a new teacher. She had heard rumors about how poorly I lived, took me to the side, and asked me if I needed any help. I lied and got really defensive, remembering my mom’s words that I shouldn’t accept any help from anyone. Later on, Christmas time came and me and my brother were outside. Suddenly, a van came and pulled up to our house. Turns out my teacher was in a charity organization and she gave us 5,000 Swedish coins (roughly the equivalent of $500) and Christmas food. My mom was so surprised that she started to cry her eyes out. I was so thankful and happy that this adult, that I rudely said I didn’t want any help from, saw right through me and did this. © Gr1ning / Reddit

  • Many years ago, my then-boyfriend and I were in line at a thrift store when I noticed some drinking glasses I liked behind the counter. I told him I liked them and we discussed purchasing them for a few minutes, but our finances were pretty tight at the time. The lady in front of me asked the clerk for the glasses and bought them. I died a little bit inside, but then she turned to us and gave them to me — this nice lady who I didn’t know and haven’t seen since. © owl_take_it / Reddit

  • It happened around 2007-2008. The month was coming to the end, I had no money, and I kept asking myself, “How did I spend all of it?” And then, the bookkeeper asks me to come to her office and tells me, “Are you going to take your paycheck or not? You forgot about it.” I was amazed. You can’t imagine how happy I was. And the best part was that I got my next paycheck a couple of days later. © PaulPalych / Pikabu

  • In 2003, I found $500 at a bus stop. There were no other people around, so I took it. I bought a cassette player, 2 Linkin Park tapes, and a can of Pepsi. It wasn’t a lot of money, but I was still really happy to find it. © Andrey Sheleg / Thequestions

  • Once, some people rented a room in our house. It was an old lady with her granddaughter. They were from Siberia and we talked about pine nuts. We told them that we’d never eaten them. And they were like, “We’ll send you some.” We didn’t really expect to get anything, since we were just making small talk. And then 2 months later, we got a package full of pine nuts. It was amazing! We can still remember the taste! We were really grateful. © Mardg / Pikabu

What unexpected but pleasant thing has happened to you? Tell us about it in the comment section below!

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