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14 Teachers Who’d Better Get Back to School and Revise Everything Properly

School years are known to be hard to forget. However, while some can recall them with warmth and love, others are stuck having to overcome unpleasant moments.

We at Bright Side hope that both you and your kids had only talented and highly competent teachers. But not all people got that lucky ticket. Reddit users shared stories about teachers who shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near school kids.

  • The first-grade teacher was demonstrating how the water temp matters when washing hands. She had 3 bowls; hot, cold, and lukewarm water. The argument was that lukewarm gets rid of more germs than the other 2. She rubbed Vaseline on 3 kids’ hands to represent “germs.” Cold kid goes first, 10 second-ish wash, hands disgusting afterward. Hot kid (me) goes next, 3 second-ish wash, hands less disgusting, but still gross. Luke goes last. Hands look and feel carved by Michelangelo. I called it nonsense. The teacher replied along the lines of: “Okay, yeah, you know better. Never mind which one of us is the grown-up.” © Pscilosopher / Reddit
  • A second-grade teacher had our class name the hottest things we could think of. A few kids said the most obvious, like “sun” and “fire,” so the third thing I could think of off the top of my head was “lava.” Turns out lava isn’t real, then the teacher had the whole class laugh at me for it. Made me feel stupid as hell for years until I learned that lava is real, and my teacher was a fool. © Morpheus11011 / Reddit
  • My biology teacher once told me babies’ heads never grow, you’re born with the same size head you’ll always have. © trick2008 / Reddit
  • Had my high school geography teacher insist that Antarctica is a country. I lost points on the test because of it. © 49bl**er / Reddit
  • A teacher was educating us on what makes an animal. One of the criteria she came up with was all animals have brains. I asked, “What about jellyfish? They don’t have brains.” To which she replied, “Well then they aren’t alive, are they?” © cakeman936 / Reddit
  • Once, our teacher started showing medieval Europe’s trade routes on a South America map. © No__Tap / Reddit
  • She thought dolphins were fish. No amount of arguing by third-grade me was enough to convince her otherwise. “They live in the ocean, they’re fish.” © AssociationJumpy / Reddit
  • When I was 14 years old, my biology teacher in a large public high school in a large city told the class: Antidepressants are a lie and don’t work. I think this was all in one class period and I almost cried because I was on antidepressants. © OreoNachos / Reddit
  • My second-grade teacher couldn’t pronounce Mahatma Gandhi. Instead of saying Mahatma, she said Mohammad. © Lemondrop1995 / Reddit
  • Tenth-grade geography teacher: “China is a small island in the Pacific Ocean.”
    Tenth-grade me: “Do you mean Japan? China’s not small or an island.”
    Teacher: “No, China is an island.”
    Me: “No ma’am, it’s not, can you pull down the map?”
    Teacher: “No, I can’t, and you can go to the office for being disrespectful.” © HellscreamGB / Reddit
  • My teacher once said, “A question I’ve always had is if there’s not enough money, why don’t they just print more money?” © grayscreen27 / Reddit
  • Once my teacher told us that light traveled at 300000km/h (instead of km/s). I told him it was km/s and his answer was, “Who’s the physics teacher here?” He failed me on my final, I had to do my exam after the summer, and I lost my first year of college because of this. © GrumpyBert / Reddit
  • One of my grade school teachers marked an answer wrong, asking what my favorite country was, I put Australia. She told me it was wrong because Australia was a continent and not a country. © FuriouslyListening / Reddit
  • My geology teacher believed the earth was flat. Enough said. © Quill_is_fruity / Reddit

Have you ever had low-competence teachers? What feelings do you get when you start recalling your school years?

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