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15 Bright Minds Who Know Exactly How to Live This Life

Creativity helps with the aging brain’s ability to grow, but it’s also a way people make their lives easier while also entertaining those around them.

Bright Side discovered 15 photos that show just how ingenious people can be when they’re in search of a good solution.

1. “A creative way to avoid fixing your side view mirror”

2. “Well, they aren’t wrong...”

3. “A lovely letter from my son to my mom”

4. “My 9-year-old daughter noticed Pixel earbuds packaging made for a great 3D alien!”

5. “Someone got creative with the label maker at work...”

6. “My friend has a simple but genius way to eat cupcakes.”

7. “My professor said that she wouldn’t approve any photo unless it was creative, and after more than 10 tries I sent her this piece.”

8. Someone ingeniously disguised a problem.

9. “My dad’s pretty inventive Halloween costume”

10. There are some gifted people out here!

11. “That’s genius, right?”

12. “My son might be a slacker, but he is also inventive.”

13. “Is my 5-year-old smart?”

14. “Movie theaters are still closed, so she made this.”

15. “Smart kid”

Which one did you think was the funniest? What do you think of these people’s creativity? Let us know in the comments if you have similar stories you’d like to share!

Preview photo credit L0rdSwoldemort / Reddit
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