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15 Crafty People That Refused to Learn What “Impossible” Means

It seems that the concept of “being practical” is in many people’s repertoire nowadays. The people featured in the pictures you’re about to see clearly show us that they’re not afraid to take on any type of challenge. And that courage has a very simple explanation: these people are extremely resourceful and ingenious. Maybe even too much so, especially when they want to solve a problem or finish a job. So, is there a line between being crafty and simply genius?

Bright Side set out on a quest to find the answer to this pressing question. We browsed through a few Reddit threads, and aside from noticing that there were many, many people out there that are, let’s say, very creative, we also explored the limits of craftiness and learned a good lesson. You should never let yourself believe that there’s no way to fix something because there’s always a solution. If you don’t believe us, take a look.

1. “Where did it come from? Where does it go? What does it power? Nobody knows.”

2. “That’s how we fix things in Philly.”

3. “I’m sure the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) approves...”

4. “Spotted at a local well-known supermarket”

5. “Fall hazard averted!”

6. “Using trash bins as work tables for handling food”

7. “I’ll take a latte and a croissant with a sprinkle of whatever you’ve got in the ceiling.”

8. “A Moldovan fire extinguisher”

9. “When you run out of sandbags, you improvise.”

Having no sandbags, the workers used bags of rice to weigh the cones down.

10. “Our fix for a busted concrete pump for a truck pipe this morning (PVC+wire+ duck tape)”

11. “The sink broke off the wall at my work and this is the current state of repair.”

“Please do not move me, broke back fountain.”

12. “This car wasn’t even chained down, it had another car sitting on its hood.”

13. “Future cleanup on aisle 6!”

14. “New data center doorstop — management didn’t see any issues here.”

15. “Not as extreme as some other stuff here but it’s still scary seeing it hanging off the third floor...”

What has been the most difficult task in which you achieved what seemed impossible? Do you have any pictures of it? Share it with us!

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