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15 Finds That Immediately Sent a Wave of Surprise Through People’s Bodies

Being surprised can have a positive impact on our life, like helping us concentrate, according to one book. And not all surprises come in the shape of a marriage proposal or a secret birthday party. Sometimes, it’s as simple as coming across something utterly fascinating yet completely unexpected. Reddit is full of examples of just what kind of out-of-the-blue discoveries stopped people in their tracks.

1. “Got a little surprise when I got home from work.”

2. “This coffee shop in England has ’wallpaper’ made from real, full-sized books.”

3. “This hotel descends down the side of a cliff, so the elevator floors are in negatives.”

4. “This frame fell down and the glass broke exactly where I swung a baseball bat.”

5. “I found a picture of myself inside a Seattle Subway Station. I stumbled upon it on my way to another game.”

6. “The effect of a flashlight down a slinky”

7. “My friend has a vertical library in his house where you ride up and down to pick books.”

8. “The truck in front of us lined up perfectly with the mountains.”

9. “I found my wife’s doppelgänger at Chicago’s art museum.”

10. “Trees cut down in my town are carved into mushrooms.”

11. “A huge ant that appeared in my house”

12. “Pumpkin peels look like low-resolution images.”

13. “The view from my plane looks like I left the atmosphere.”

14. “This puzzle I bought has 5 corners.”

15. “My parents found a secret room hidden under the stairs of their new house.”

When was the last time that something unexpected amazed you? We’d love to see your own photos!

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