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15+ Head-Scratching Pics That Need Explaining Right Now

Taking pictures is such a common thing to do today. It’s almost impossible to believe in a world where nobody is taking pictures with their phones or brand new cameras all the time. It’s so easy and such a natural thing to do, that we don’t really notice what’s so special about it anymore. Because, after all, it’s kind of magic: when you hear that click, time stops for a little while, and you preserve that moment forever. Well, sometimes it happens that the special moment that you captured has something a bit... off, something that needs explaining.

Bright Side found all those special moments that were captured around the world without thinking and that resulted in something so strange. Take a look at these pictures and see if you can figure out for yourself what’s going on there.

1. “Took a picture of my garden and accidentally turned the concrete wall into a lake.”

2. “Eat your vegetables or you may shrink!”

3. “Headless penguin”

4. “Ginormous dog bed in the back yard???”

5. “As I leave my office at night, the full-length painting next to my door reflects in the window of the office across the way and startles me. Every. Time.”

6. “You can’t swim here.”

7. “She’s got ‘leg’... and she knows how to use it!”

8. “This double-mouthed horse I met.”

9. “Just another selfie with a floating top.”

10. “My cat appears to be headless.”

11. “This buff dog-man”

12. “Giant parrot attacking horses”

13. “Some very big cats”

14. “Where did her arm go?”

15. “Have you ever tried to look at your hand with all your fingers aligned behind your thumb?”

16. “This man looks photoshopped, is he?”

17. “Walking a headless dog”

18. “Too many hands”

19. “Floating donkey head”

Have you ever taken a strange picture like the ones we included in our article? Share it with us in the comments! If we have enough pics from you, we’ll write a new article with our readers’ pics only and your picture might be in it!

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