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15+ Kids Who Were Born to Beat the System

Kids tend to live in their own world, one that doesn’t fit in our reality. They don’t follow “adult rules” and aren’t familiar with the language tricks we use. As a result, they hear our words, requests, and even school tasks in a way far different than they’re supposed to. Because of this, they end up beating the system we ourselves have created.

We at Bright Side love kids and can’t stop admiring their logic, smarts, and inventiveness. Therefore, we’ve compiled a set of photos that will show you a glimpse into a “kids’ world”, full of joy and fun.

1. When your mom wants you to get some exercise:

2. “It’s not what I meant when I said to my son it was too nice outside to play games inside.”

3. Who said banans are just for eating?

4. “A birthday present from my 9-year-old”

5. When shopping is definitely not your cup of tea:

6. When you ask your kid to use chopsticks:

7. “Asked my daughter to write an apology letter...”

8. “In his defense, I did say to put these in the bathroom.”

9. When you take instructions too literally:

10. When you ask your kid to eat half of their hot dog:

11. It’s the same story with nuggets:

12. “My son decided he was tired of people using his poof.”

13. When you ask your kids to put shoes outside the door:

14. “The last strawberry is for you, Mom!”

15. Is he going to be a lawyer?

16. “We told our daughter that New Years is special because you get to toast to a new year. Now we have a new family tradition.”

17. It’s all about logic:

18. Because we all have that one kid...

Which of these kids amazed you the most? We’d be glad to hear from you in the comments!

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