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15+ People That Are Full of Life and Enjoy Every Little Thing

From picking up skating at 40 years old to painting with their mustache for charity. Some people are so full of creativity and energy that life is a never-ending wonder for them. And they never fail to make sure to appreciate everything they’ve been given.

Bright Side collected photos from people who radiate positivity and cherish all that life has to give.

1. “Today, *I* was the Prettiest Princess.”

2. “I never imagined life could be so joyful.”

3. “My little sister and her friend with their homemade movie theaters”

4. “I paint with my mustache for charity. Here’s my favorite piece so far.”

5. “My 90-year-old nana and her 23-year-old cat love sending me goodnight selfies.”

6. “At 45 years old, I finally learned how to ollie.”

7. “My great-grandmother’s sketches of her teachers, 1924”

8. “I got a surprise bracelet from 2 of the elementary school girls I drove for every day.”

9. “I painted a portrait of my dog Samurai with his favorite ball.”

10. “My 4-year-old nephew drew a very flattering portrait of me.”

11. “Burned my hand cooking and made it look better. I call him, Ryan Goose-ling.”

12. “I tried to make Ron Weasley out of peas.”

13. “I’m a lunch lady. Today the first graders gave us some letters to thank us for serving them food. This one was my favorite.”

The note reads: “Thank you for when I drop my food you give me a new food. Manoeli”

14. “A troll guarding a bridge near my town”

15. “My gummy frogs came with a tadpole.”

16. “A wooden carving of Shrek and Donkey in front of a house I saw.”

17. “Spent way too much time creating this unicorn during my run today.”

18. “I made a pueblo out of clay for my hamster.”

19. “I’ve spent the last 2 days turning this old record into a SpongeBob window.”

20. “The first selfie my grandpa took with his new phone.”

What never fails to make you happy, no matter how trivial it may seem? Do you have a creative mind? We love to get to know our readers and the comment section is the perfect place for that. Come enlighten us!

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