15 People Tried So Hard Yet Failed to Do Their Job

Perfectionism gains momentum every year. More and more people are ready to complete their tasks at 110%, but it seems to us that the number of those who fail to do their work well is also increasing. These people don’t want to or simply can’t give their best and leave hilarious results in their wake.

And we at Bright Side can’t help but show you these 15 pictures where everything went wrong. Let’s have a good laugh together.

1. “I didn’t even know this was possible.”

2. “I’m literally screaming inside.”

3. “Boyfriend decided to try out a new hairdresser.”

4. “I found out that one of my socks is missing one color.”

5. “Yeah sure I know how to count!”

6. “When you customize the order it defaults to no cheese and no sauce.”

7. “Our company has received numerous boxes of nothing enclosed but a postcard and paper confetti.”

8. “Installed the lock, boss.”

9. “This misprinted Patient Consent Form I got from my eye doctor.”

10. “Found this in a reputed university building.”

11. “9-1-1 — I’d like to report a crime.”

12. “Kids’ learning chart done”

13. “Ordered a new chlorinator for the pool, the instructions came on VHS.”

14. “I think the designers were wrong.”

15. “Poor Elsa was fearlessly and wonderfully made.”

Did these fails disturb your inner perfectionist? Have you ever dealt with people who don’t care about their duties?

Preview photo credit MoonSearcher / Reddit
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