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15 People Who Are Against Disposable Items and Buy Things for Life

Many of us have some really old items that we’ve been using for decades, and they still work perfectly. In a world filled with disposable things and products that break just a couple of days after you buy them, knowing that there are items that last a lifetime is simply amazing.

Here at Bright Side, we were astonished to find out that many people prefer to keep the things their grandparents bought rather than buy something new. And we gathered 15 photos of items that have definitely withstood the test of time.

1. “Me and my daughter on Christmas Eve, 30 years apart — same dress.”

2. “My mom holding me in 1979 and my mom holding my daughter in the same dress in 2019.”

3. “I bought this palette knife over 30 years ago and have created countless paintings with it.”

4. “My girlfriend’s great-grandmother bought this sewing machine back in 1925. It still works perfectly.”

5. “Colman Snow-Lite Low Boy cooler from the ’60s. Still holds ice for nearly a week!”

6. “40 years of laundry.”

7. “Waffle iron my mother bought when she was 19. She’s 75 now and still makes delicious waffles.”

8. “My mom’s crockpot that she got in January of 1980. It’s 41 years old and still works without any issues.”

9. “My 20±year-old toothbrush (left) next to my wife’s 10-year-old brush.”

10. “Proudly bought it with my paper route money 50 years ago because it was the heaviest one. Still works perfectly.”

11. “Timberland belt I’ve worn nearly every day since middle school (I’m 38 now).”

12. “This bowl has been in my family since 1850-1860.”

13. “My Rolex Oyster Perpetual, made in 1970. Over 50 years old and still running flawlessly.”

14. “My parents received this ‘hand mixer’ as a wedding gift in ’81. I still use it for breakfast every morning.”

15. “Me in 1979 and my daughter in 2020. We are both wearing the same sweater.”

Do you have any old items that have been in your family for generations?

Preview photo credit Flabbergastedly / Reddit
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