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15+ People Who Can Bring Joy to Everyone Around Them

They say we all have the power to change the emotions of everyone around us. But some people’s power is of an extraordinary type. They inspire, they give a little something every day, and become a pillar of strength to many around. They make the world come alive wherever their foot stands. After all, maybe that’s what joy and thirst for life is really all about.

We at Bright Side have found some joyful people for whom spreading the light of their love, happiness, and affection truly became second nature.

1. “If my ICU patients forget for just a few minutes that they’re stuck in ICU over Christmas, then it was all worth it.”

2. “This happened today in Istanbul.”

3. “I sent my friend a 6’ tall Mr. Bean with no return address for April fools.”

4. “Who is copying who? The story of two best friends.”

5. “Smooch”

6. “I asked him to pick up pads, so he did, accompanied by my favorite flowers and favorite snacks.”

7. “My GF is sick in bed, she had to miss work. Bought her this after I got off work today. Her smile made my day.”

8. “My bus driver gave out candy for us college kids.”

9. “But how can she be so cute every single sec?”

10. “My dad and a little fan.”

11. “My office was filled up with balloons and gifts for my birthday today, definitely made me smile!”

12. “Big chicken hug”

13. “This couple walking out to the beach. He kept stopping to take out his phone and take candid pics of her.”

14. “One classmate brought her newly adopted cat to an exam. That’s my teacher holding him while she finishes her exam.”

15. “I don’t know why I keep coming to this salon. Sloppy, terrible work, but I do like the owner.”

16. “His first plane ride, this is the way.”

17. “I did it for the old folks at my nursing home and they laughed. Mission accomplished.”

What was the most epic moment when someone really made your day with one friendly gesture? Have you ever made somebody else’s day yourself? Please tell us how it was.

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