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15 People Who Found Something Unexpectedly, and It Made Their Day

Discovering something by accident can make us feel like winning a lottery. Whether it’s a new finding or an item that has been in storage since we were children, the thrill we get is more or less the same. These 15 people broke the scale on the excite-o-meter when they found these items, and we decided to pass on their happiness by sharing this compilation of great finds with you.

1. “Found the newspaper that announced Elizabeth as Queen.”

2. “This Tom Holland hoodie I found at my local thrift shop”

3. “I found my cat’s baby tooth that fell out.”

4. “I found this unopened can of peas inside of a 1928 Victrola.”

5. “Found Prince Charles and Lady Di paper dolls from my childhood.”

6. “Found an egg inside a boiled egg.”

7. “My mom dated Vincent D’Onofrio in the mid-’80s and we recently found their old photos.”

8. “Found the location of the print on this bill.”

9. “A bowling ball I found at the flea market”

10. “Found my boyfriend’s dog a new toilet paper toy after 4 years of being obsessed with the old one.”

11. “I wore my suit to a Lego event and found Woody!”

12. “My wife was helping my son go potty, so I decided to help unload the groceries and found this...”

13. “We found my wife’s lost wedding ring on the third day of searching in the lake!”

14. “My mother passed away 3 years ago. Today, I found a beautiful photo of her.”

15. “I’m almost crying.”

Which of these finds do you wish you had?

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