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15+ People Who Had No Idea They Were About to Find Something Special

Even if you’re living a simple life somewhere, something incredible is always waiting to be found. And it’s not always about seeking something new but seeing things with new eyes, to actually see the vast number of marvels around you. It may be waiting for your just around the corner. So all you have to do is just to notice it and observe. And take a nice shot on your way!

Bright Side has found some peculiar pictures that prove even small everyday discoveries can make our day.

1. “This cat chooses her own friends.”

2. “Dropped a frog lawn decoration only to discover 2 snowmen inside.”

3. Walking on water is like walking on air.

4. “The appearance of a dried and candied hibiscus flower.”

5. “My tree grew around the Christmas lights.”

6. “This was just a blank piece of stainless steel.”

7. “Sun is shining directly through the peephole in my dorm room.”

8. “Only one side of my Q-tips glows under a blacklight.”

9. “The way this leaf carved perfect circles in the snow.”

10. “Found this in the library.”

11. “A rainbow formed a perfect circle on some clouds.”

12. “This fallen leaf I found with an L pattern on it.”

13. “The way the black triangles melted the snow on this rug.”

14. “First snow is leaving rainbow trails on my car windows.”

15. “If I wedge my head upright, is it really sleeping on the job?”

16. “Unicorn ice cube.”

17. “Squirrel inside a bubble.”

18. “This tree root that looks like an alligator head.”

19. “A crab inside a clam.”

Do you have any unique discoveries that have made you smile? Please tell us in the comments below. And don’t forget to add photos if you have found something interesting and gotten it on camera.

Preview photo credit hmidou11 / reddit
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