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15 People Who Know How to Make the Right First Impression

We all happen upon little moments of fame sometimes, but some people’s personalities shine miles ahead, dazzling everyone in a row. Whether it’s in a funny way or in the way of a true gentleman, these guys know how to make an appearance and leave an eternal impression in people’s memories.

Here at Bright Side we are convinced that we are unstoppable in our glory, and the heroes of these photos prove it.

1. Tinder pic success

2. “My cousin’s son is on spring break, so today she brought him to help teach her class. He decided to wear his Godzilla outfit.”

3. Me and my girlfriend

4. This guy spreads love wherever he goes

5. She’s clearly letting everyone know that the Queen of Walmart is here.

6. “This is Carter. He knocked on my door to ask if he could have a banana and then left.”

7. “It’s our first Halloween in this townhouse. We wanted to make a good first impression”

8. A hairstyle to die for!

9. And this is how you Queen the world.

10. “I feel pretty confident in saying that my nephew will be the coolest kindergartner on the block in the next few years.”

11. That moment when everyone is watching you walk

12. This guy knows how to stand out in this gloomy gray world.

13. Airport celebrity

14. You. Me. Crackers tonight 30 min before bedtime?

15. And the award for “World’s Sweetest Uncle” goes to...

Who do you think won the game? Vote in the comments!

Preview photo credit unsociaI / reddit
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