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15+ People Who Lost the Online Shopping Game Without Scoring a Point

Online shopping is entertainment for those who like to play with their own nerves. You never know what you’ll get in the end: the thing that you actually ordered or something random. On the other hand, online purchases are a win-win option for optimists, because you can get something nice for cheaper than in a store if everything goes well, or take a photo and make other people laugh if the online experience game didn’t end very successfully.

We at Bright Side believe that there are more honest than deceptive sellers on the world wide web. But it’s the shenanigans of the latter that people will be staring at for a long time and, in the end, still not understand whether they should laugh or cry. At the end of the article, there is a bonus that will tell you about internet purchases that hid some pretty valuable surprises.

“I ordered what I thought were my dream shoes... turns out, it was a fake website, but they still sent me a pair of shoes and I swear I have never cried so hard!”

“I bought some tweezers on eBay. I then complained that they were too tiny. The guy I spoke to sent me these. Well played, sir.”

“I ordered a size small dress online! Here’s what I got!”

“Can we, please, normalize not buying luxury brands on Instagram? My girlfriend ordered a PRADA handbag for cheap there, this is what she got when it got delivered today. The logo says PADRE.”

“My mother bought a saucepan on AliExpress — it was red and looked nice. And she wasn’t embarrassed by the fact it cost 80¢.”

“These shorts my friend ordered from an Instagram ad... just a little bit different than the advertisement!”

“I ordered a referee shirt Halloween costume online. On the right — what I ordered. On the left — what they sent me. Needless to say, I sent it back.”

— Ordered a “prom dress” from China to see what I’d get. These are only the same insofar as they are both technically dresses.

— You look like a cute tablecloth.

“I never thought that this would happen to me... and yet here we are.”

“Waited a month for this. Doggo was not impressed.”

“The shoes I ordered vs The shoes I got! I don’t know how to react to this.”

“My friend ordered a large t-shirt from Canada, this is what he got.”

“My wife ordered a ‘trash can’ online. She’s cut off from online shopping from now on.”

“I ordered a powder blue ukulele for a 3-year-old for Christmas... I don’t think they got my order right.”

“I saw a lot of all these different, horribly funny posts about online shopping and I thought I’d share my sister’s and my horrible experience!”

“I ordered a bean bag 3 months ago and it came today. ROFLing”

Bonus: Sometimes internet purchases hide nice surprises in them.

I bought a set of bed linens from an independent seller for €10 on eBay. The parcel arrived and I started to check it, when suddenly something heavy fell out of the pillowcase. It turned out to be a pack of money and a paper envelope with some kind of cutouts. After having counted everything, I found that there was €1,350 in the set. I was shocked! I decided to not write directly to the owner and say that I had found some money in their linens, but to start from afar and say that I had found some cutouts and ask whether I should send them back. If the seller was the true owner, they would understand what I was talking about. That same day, I got a long email back where the woman wrote something like, “I am so grateful to you! As far as I remember, it’s not only the cutouts, but also some money that was there in the pillowcase. We hid these things while moving, but ended up forgetting the place where we put the money. Please, keep €100 for this being a bother to you and deposit the rest in my bank account.” These things happen. © Adindvatri / Pikabu

Do you make purchases online? Do you always get what you order or do you also sometimes get into the same situations the characters of our article did?

Preview photo credit Adindvatri / Pikabu
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