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15 People Who Refused to Think Inside the Box

We’re oftentimes so used to everyday life, it gets hard to imagine that things can be any different. But they can, thanks to some clever minds who have the gift of pushing the boundaries of creativity with their imagination. Whether they are simply meant for aesthetics, are an effective solution to daily problems, or are merely there to trigger some chuckles, this collection of pics will definitely make you see things with fresh eyes.

1. “My neck hurts. These glasses let me lie flat and scroll.”

2. “This giant safety pin lamp is made from aluminum and 3D-printed parts.”

3. “It puts the lotion on the skin...”

4. “’Safety glasses that I made for my wife’s optometry office”

5. “A bunk bed I made for my son’s glasses”

6. “I’m a beekeeper and I preserve natural pieces of honeycomb I find inside hives with resin and turn them into pendants and art.”

7. “I was on the job collecting carts and was surprised to find this.”

The note says:
“My owner
will be
back soon
Don’t worry!
The A/C is on and it’s 70 °F”

8. “My parents threw me a thirty-second birthday party at their house, and my mom was confident she had the correct candles before I showed up.”

9. “My breakfast rusk had finger slopes for easy removal.”

10. “My grocery store stocks and labels ’pineapple upside-down cake’ upside down.”

11. “I finally finished this 1-line drawing and wanted to share it before I go to sleep.”

12. “My wife hired a foreman to oversee health and safety protocols when using power machinery.”

13. “This elevator has undo buttons next to the floor button.”

14. “I moved away and was going to miss her so I got a stuffed replica of her. Please tell me I’m not crazy for this.”

15. “This brand of swiss mineral water has a mountain of the Alps in the bottle.”

Which one of these ideas did you find particularly brilliant? Let us know in the comment section below.

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