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15+ People Who Spooked Up Their Halloween Season Without Spending a Fortune

Halloween is coming, and if you still have not decided what costume to wear or how to glow up your house, try to drop by a thrift store or a flea market. As it turns out, it’s here that you can find everything you need for a terrifyingly cool Halloween, from costumes to home decorations, for more than reasonable prices.

We at Bright Side are getting ready for the spooky season too, and after seeing these 16 pics, we want to rush to the nearest thrift store and find something cool for Halloween.

1. “A Halloween knit sweater — it was $10 at my local thrift shop.”

2. “Giant vintage jack-o’-lanterns that still work, $5 each!”

3. “My body is ready for Halloween. Found this spooky vest at the thrift store for $6.”

4. “I was thrifting for Halloween and I found this for only $4.99!”

5. “It’s never too early for Halloween! $1.99 at Goodwill!”

6. “Found my Halloween outfit, $5 for the lot!”

7. “I scored a Yip Yip costume for $3.99!”

8. “Grabbed these 2 spooky oven mitts just in time for Halloween!”

9. “Probably my favorite Halloween thrift find: this throw blanket and matching pillows — lucky me found all 3 at different thrift stores.”

10. “$2 a piece, 1995 Disney light-up jack-o’-lanterns, just in time for Halloween!”

11. “Found the cutest Halloween dress for only $7.”

12. “Found a perfect last-minute Halloween sweater at the flea market!”

13. “2 packs for $8 total at an estate sale, I can’t wait for Halloween!”

14. “I found the perfect vintage 1980s mug for Halloween for only $0.99!”

15. “Thrifted this cape to accompany my at-home Halloween movie night!”

16. “I’m in love with this vintage ceramic ghost I got at an estate sale! It says 1963 on the bottom!”

Are you ready for the Halloween season? What costume will you wear?

Preview photo credit artguydeluxe/Reddit
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