17 People Who Were Lucky to Have Their Camera Ready at Just the Right Moment

Sometimes, the universe just randomly decides to show you something unusual. One day, you might tell a friend that you saw a rainbow and lightning meet each other in the sky. And they’re going to laugh it off, because they wouldn’t believe something like this without solid proof. Well, this is not the case when these things are captured right on camera.

Bright Side collected some of these photos that you can only capture on one of your luckiest days.

1. " I’ve accidentally got cat-bearded!"

2. “This hummingbird spotted me taking a photo of him.”

3. “My dog wants to say ’I love you.’”

4. “It looks like a floating ship from here.”

5. “It looks like a badly photoshopped raven.”

6. “Lightning makes it look like night and day at the same time.”

7. “These birds absolutely love each other!”

8. “The doorbell rang and my cat checked to see who it was.”

9. “Lightning and rainbow crossover”

10. “Hey bro, let me show you how to fly!”

11. “Saw my cat ’hanging out’ with a friend.”

12. “I discovered my cat can make a heart with his arms.”

13. “Here’s the real deal!”

14. “Nailed that superhero landing!”

15. “Mom, I think I ate too much today.”

16. “My sleeping cats looked like a big heart.”

17. “Wait, is my bird drinking out of a straw?”

Which photo do you think was the “luckiest” take? Have you recently snapped a photo at just the right moment? Share it with us!

Preview photo credit Unknown / Imgur
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