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15+ People Whose Day Started With the Phrase, “Surprise, Surprise!”

According to a study, being surprised activates the pleasure centers in our brain and provides us with a nice shot of dopamine. And even though some unexpected sights might be unsettling at first, they will soon transform into a pleasant source of distraction. Because, after all, it’s those surprising moments that turn into the most interesting memories that stay with us for years to come.

Bright Side is a big fan of things that amuse us with their extraordinary nature. That’s why we’re sharing some jaw-dropping situations that will make you want to wash your eyes out with ice water and take a second look.

1. ’’What my wife found when she opened our kitchen pantry door’’

2. ’’I had a surprise when I walked through my farm today.’’

3. ’’I was passing a construction site when I saw a bunch of traffic cones made into Godzilla.’’

4. ’’I found one of the hidden iron thrones 2 miles from my job.’’

5. ’’I saw this dude walking his pony on an electric scooter.’’

6. ’’I came across this giant fork today.’’

7. ’’I found a hidden nest inside my potted plant while gardening.’’

8. ’’I saw this cut-out of a police officer today.’’

9. ’’I bought this for 25 cents then found a hidden pocket and found this surprise.’’

10. ’’I saw my sister come running out screaming. This was in her bed.’’

11. ’’I came across this on my way home today.’’

12. ’’I was kayaking earlier when I came across this adorable family.’’

13. ’’I saw this floating by my office window.’’

14. ’’I got out of my car at the store and saw this guy hanging on for dear life.’’

15. ’’I came across goats playing on a trampoline while driving aimlessly today.’’

16. “Saw a banana car on my way to work.”

Do you like to be astonished by sights when you expect them the least? When was the last time you were truly shocked and left speechless?

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