15+ Photos That Prove Plants Are One-Way Tickets to Cozy Land

Plants are indispensable to us — they help us breathe and eat, they provide shelter to other living animals, and they even filter our water. In short, we should be eternally grateful to plants. One of their other superpowers is that they can be the most appealing decorations available — nothing says cozy like a room full of jungle-looking plants does. They can make a garden flourish and bring a room to life.

Some people have taken gardening and planting to new heights, and all of us at Bright Side want to be sure to keep you in the loop. Get ready and enjoy — these are truly a feast for the eyes.

1. Same house, 5 years apart

2. How it started vs how it’s going

3. “Our cozy bathroom”

4. “A cozy Sunday evening with my plants”

5. “How it started vs how it’s going (7-year difference)”

6. “I got my first plant a little over a year ago, and here is my apartment now.”

7. Before and after “some” gardening. Wow!

8. “Just one more plant...”

9. “Who says you can’t have a desert up north?”

10. “I never thought I was capable of doing something like this.”

11. “I have 90+ plants now. I’m going on a plant ban after like, 10 more.”

12. “My devil’s ivy/golden pothos has crept around 3 walls of my living room now.”

13. “My girlfriend’s window transformation”

14. “I absolutely adore my dorm room.”

15. “I’m loving hanging out with the plants (and pets) in my home office!”

16. “Welcome to my jungle!”

How many plants do you have in your bedroom? Would you like to have a jungle-looking living room, or would you rather have a cozy botanical garden?

Preview photo credit hypocrite_deer / Reddit
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