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15+ Pics That Prove You Don’t Need to Spend an Enormous Amount of Money to Find Treasures

It was only recently that fashionistas from all over the world were trying to haul the latest haute couture clothes to look stylish and elegant. However, there was a moment when society started to think about and implement the term “reasonable consumption” and that’s when buying vintage clothes became a new “luxury.”
Today, many people prefer to buy clothes, shoes, and accessories at thrift and second-hand shops, at flea markets, and at charity sales. It lets them not only outline their individuality and express themselves, but also care about the environment.

We at Bright Side are sure that one can often score unique and valuable things at flea markets and garage sales, and the pics in our article prove it.

“Paid $3.50 for my ultimate thrift find — a coral and gold brooch.”

“Got these super cute, basically, brand new Dr. Martens for $10 at a charity sale.”

“Thrifted dress. In love with all the stripes and colors.”

“Found these vintage designer Yves Saint Laurent men’s trousers for $15. Such a good menswear style find!”

“I think I just scored my first designer bag?! Fendi oyster cloth handbag. $6!”

“Found this vintage sterling silver diamond and pearl pin at a garage sale. I paid a whopping $0.25 for it.”

“Great score at my local charity sale!! Manolo Blahnik shoes”

“Fully thrifted outfit! ’60s single stitch Hanes t-shirt for 80 cents, orange tab Levi’s from ‘97 for $7, Madewell mustard bag for $9”

“Just found a new addition to my straw handbag addiction. A Vanessa or Elegance brand. Both names were inside. In pristine condition!”

“Sweet shoe haul. Hope my wife likes the heels!”

“$10.49! I couldn’t try it on properly, I just tried to shimmy it over my jeans and tank, so I’m glad it worked out at home.”

“Thrifted this vintage Dior slip for $1!”

“Found these adorable earrings for $2 and I’m in love.”

“Probably my best score yet. Rare Gunne Sax!”

“Made in Italy loafers! 4 dollars each”

“Tooled leather for $7”

“I found this mint condition Tommy Hilfiger denim jacket at my local second-hand shop. Decided to add a quilted panel to the back.”

“Got these awesome vintage 1960s Tony Lama boots for 2$.”

Do you also buy things at thrift stores? Have you ever scored anything amazing there?

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