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15+ Tender Pics That Will Melt Your Heart

Life’s ripe with situations where we can experience hope and generosity if we pay good enough attention and look closely enough around us. From neighbors supporting one another through tough times to people rescuing orphaned animals, or even pets being there for each other. These kinds of moments make us sigh in relief and fill our lungs with an air of positivity. Proving to us that the Universe is a wonderful place to live when we choose kindness.

At Bright Side, we’re all for spreading the type of vibes that feed our soul with comfort. We also want to share situations with you that will brighten up your day with a cheerful spark.

1. ’’My son and his best friend were told that it’s unlikely they’d live past 7 years old. They survived and today they graduated.’’

2. Orphaned opossum that I’m raising

3. ’’I captured a tender little moment between my 2 cats in the afternoon sunlight.’’

4. ’’I’ve been working hard to pay off bills and save so that I can buy myself a Switch. My cousin surprised me with one.’’

5. ’’A group of knitters have provided this town with ‘post cozies.’’

6. ’’My neighbor painted my dog for me and my brother for absolutely no reason. We love it.’’

7. ’’My daughter and my dog are the best of friends. He follows her everywhere and she is so sweet with him.’’

8. ’’My son’s pediatrician used to be a balloon artist. She made a jet pack for him today.’’

9. ’’This doggy house was built to look exactly like the main house, to create a miniature home for the 4-legged family member.’’

10. ’’I saw my 96-year-old great-grandmother wearing these trendy glasses. Not sure where she found them but she looks so cute.’’

11. ’’My 49-year-old mom and I have graduated nursing school together.’’

12. ’’A really wholesome moment spotted.’’

13. ’’I jokingly told my boyfriend he was on yarn duty. He’s been untangling it and feeding it to me for an hour now.’’

14. I became Pelle’s momma when he was 3-4 weeks old. Now he is a 1.5-year-old healthy boy.’’

15. ’’4 years ago, my father’s life was saved by a bone marrow donor in Germany. Yesterday, he showed up to Ohio for a surprise visit.’’

16. Our dog adores our new baby.

When was the last time you encountered a situation that showed you the good side of humanity? Do you think that if you do good things to others, you’ll inevitably receive positive things in return?

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