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15+ Things You Don’t Really Need but Want Anyway

Waterproof socks, a handbag light, and glow-in-the-dark jigsaw puzzles — one doesn’t necessarily need any of these items but they sure sound cool. Sometimes, it’s okay to buy things purely for pleasure, especially if they come with loaded benefits and perks.

Bright Side has picked 18 of these items that will make you shout at your screen, “I want that!”

1. A tiny hummingbird feeder ring

2. Imagine showering in here after a long day.

3. A motion sensor handbag light so you never have to struggle in the dark again!

4. Message in a bottle — a mix of modern and classic

5. A heated, elevated mouse pad for maximum comfort

6. A glow-in-the-dark jigsaw puzzle

7. Pizza slice pillows

8. Waterproof socks

9. An ostrich pillow so you can fall sleep anywhere, anytime!

10. Magnetic bottle holder

11. Clog-proof bathroom hair catcher

12. A transparent rocking bed

13. Easy strawberry huller

14. A very realistic, felted wool dog purse.

15. A portable sun shader, a.k.a. your perfect beach partner

16. Anti-theft “moldy” sandwich bags

17. A water-powered razor for silky smooth skin without the use of chemicals

18. A bracelet fastener, the tool you’ve been waiting for

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