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15+ Times Our Eyes Played a Joke on Our Brains

“Illusion is the first of all pleasures,” and sometimes we’re happy to give our imagination freedom to do with our mind anything it wants. It allows us to relax a bit and find out there are always many wonders out there that can still take us off guard and surprise us.

Bright Side has found some tricky, truly deceptive pictures that will put you into a maze of mystery and fun in a split second.

1. “It’s an optical illusion turtle.”

2. “This guy floating”

3. “Deep conversations with a stuffed animal”

4. “A floating dog on Halloween”

5. “Do you think the path is going up or down?”

6. “Which head belongs to which body?”

7. “Where did my dog’s body go?”

8. “This stool standing on 2 legs”

9. “I have a really tiny basketball.”

10. “This giant rescued pit bull’s head could easily be mistaken for mine.”

11. “Why is the guy at the traffic light staring at me?”

12. “It’s like a 10-inch pillow on a counter but it looks huge!”

13. “Thought this was a picture of a guy swimming in the ocean.”

14. “Just showing some leg at the beach.”

15. “These mushy eggs”

16. “She’s obsessed with this chair.”

17. “A full-sized baby human”

18. “My friend learning to snowboard”

Have you seen any optical illusions yourself? Have you taken something seriously and then realized it was all just playing a trick on your eyes? Please share your stories in the comments below.

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