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15 Times People Found Something Wonderful in Everyday Things

Focusing on the little things every day can really make us happier. And we don’t even need to put much effort into it — such things come out from places rather unexpectedly. We just need to enjoy these special signals sent to us from the universe by way of a little flower popping up in a mailbox or a wound that heals into a tiny heart.

We at Bright Side love to come across such beautiful moments, and we’ve collected some of them to share with you.

1. This whale-shaped cloud

2. This dead plant looks like it came straight from Hogwarts.

3. “A small heart in a geode”

4. “I have a flower growing inside my mailbox.”

5. “My vacuum’s power cord tangled itself into a treble clef.”

6. “This apple’s flesh is the same color as its skin.”

7. “I opened a ventilation cavity in a wall and found old love letters bound in string.”

8. “This sweet potato flower looks like little Groot heads.”

9. “Mushrooms burst out the front of the grow kit sitting on the shelf at Walmart.”

10. “A white mantis taking a seat on my oilseed sunflowers”

11.“My bottle of honey had an encouraging message when I left it flipped over.”

12. “This pattern in the snow on a patio table”

13. “A little bird landed and hung out on my shoulder today.”

14. “The shadow of my bookshelf looks like a city skyline.”

15. “My injury healed in a nearly perfect heart shape.”

What was the last time you accidentally came across a beautiful thing?

Preview photo credit Lelapa / Reddit