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15+ Times People’s Love and Care Taught Us Never to Give Up

Studies have shown that affection has a positive impact on your health. For example, according to one, hugging can benefit your heart by lowering your blood pressure. This is great news for all of those who spread love.

Bright Side is setting you out on a tour through various acts of love. Prepare to have your heart warmed and make sure to stay for the bonus feature at the end.

1. What a year of great care can yield

2. “My friend eating a burger with the prosthetic hands I designed and built for him”

3. “From living on the streets of NYC to being our sweet Dio Brando”

4. “I fixed an over 30-year-old boat my uncle gave me.”

5. “Gave my nana’s dress new life.”

6. “I restored my childhood bike.”

7. “I recently lost my dog (who absolutely loved getting new bandanas) and made a quilt out of all of them.”

8. “Hades came to my partner and me as a foster dog, but within hours of meeting, we knew we wanted to keep him forever.”

9. “Restored my dad’s 50-year-old hammer as a Christmas present.”

10. “A guy saved his BMW from the Harvey flood waters.”

11. “A kitchen playset from an old entertainment center my wife and I made for my son’s second birthday”

12. “She was bought as a joke for a party and wasn’t wanted afterward. I took her in. Here’s Frida taking a nap.”

13. “My foster dog the day he was rescued from animal hoarders vs today”

14. “My sister made me a pillow from one of our dad’s button-up shirts after he passed away this February.”

15. “5 days after I found it in the trash, this beauty is thriving!”

16. “From a brown rust bucket to a dream truck”

17. “At Walmart, the cashier asked me why I was buying a dead plant. 15 hours later...”

18. “My wife passed away recently. We loved candles and we had old retired ones. So, I made a new one.”

19. “On the left is Emmy at the shelter, way too skinny and unhealthy. On the right is Emmy a year after we adopted her.”

Bonus: “My son is in a wheelchair. I turned it into BB-8 and took him to Hollywood Studios.”

What object of sentimental value would you most like to see restored or upcycled? Have you ever given a second chance at life to an animal? Your stories should be heard and that’s why the comment section exists!

Preview photo credit ArastosLilas / Reddit