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15+ Times the Universe Gave Us a Light to Enter a Parallel Dimension

One of the most common pieces of advice for dealing with winter blues is to “get more light.” And it doesn’t matter what form it comes in. After all, it helps us realize that we are not that powerless in this “fight” for a good mood and a positive outlook these days. And it’s all up to us to have the best possible winter and enjoy it.

Bright Side has found some fantastic “light catchers” who will help to improve our mood and add more vivid colors into our life.

1. “It seems like the floor is wavy, but it’s perfectly flat.”

2. “Nightcall plays in the background.”

3. “The way the morning light strikes my glass doorknob”

4. “The light from behind my curtain kinda looks like aurora borealis.”

5. “The light shined through the doorway in an interesting manner.”

6. “The way sunlight lights up this manhole cover looks like an alien spaceship is just about to land.”

7. “Reflection from my dog’s water bowl looks like a UFO.”

8. “My keyboard through a water bottle”

9. “This shadow from a flashlight, during a power outage, resembles an owl.”

10. “Split skies. Daytime in the front, sunset in the back.”

11. “My blinds make this design.”

12. “Thin beam of sunlight coming through the window curtain looks like subway graffiti.”

13. “The way the light reflects off this can resembles a mysterious script.”

14. “How the light reflects off a plastic bag”

15. Broadcasting sunshine

16. “Light reflects as a circle when hitting a can.”

17. “Beautiful reflection of the sunset on spray ice”

18. “My car seats glow under UV light.”

19. “This light coming through my garage door”

Do you remember how we all liked to play with light in our childhood? Perhaps, many of us were pretty good light artists at the time. Have you continued this type of play in adulthood? Have you been lucky to catch the light on your camera too? Please share your photos and stories in the comments below.

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