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16 Bizarre Images That Made Us Believe We’re Stepping Into the Unknown

Some people seem to always try to escape from common sense. Thanks to their peculiar actions, going out on the street can become a show worthy of a circus. The best part is that, in this case, the entrance to enjoy a funny moment is completely free.

1. “This guy got pulled over because his passenger wasn’t wearing a helmet.”

2. “This guy just had to prove he REALLY doesn’t care about what people think. Brilliant!”

3. Apparently what was “hidden” here was the label

4. “Just a normal day in December at your local Walmart...”

5. “Do you guys like my nails?”

6. “I guess it works.”

7. “Does a riding lawnmower fit in a minivan?”

8. “Saw this legend using his Mac at the mall food court yesterday”

9. “Saw this amazing fashion statement while riding the ferry home yesterday”

10. “Noticed my sock had a giant hole and saw an opportunity. Everyone, meet Murray.”

11. “My brother saw a squirrel mask at the thrift store.”

12. “Saw this today”

13. “My kid wanted to ’open’ the banana by herself this morning.”

14. “Just saw how my girlfriend had cut the pizza after we ate it.”

15. “I’m not even the janitor, but I saw this at work and was immediately annoyed. If you do this, then you should definitely clean your mess!”

16. “Saw this guy cleaning his wheels with the windshield cleaner”

What is the strangest anecdote that has happened to you while out on the street?

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