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16 People Shared Things They Consider Ridiculous but Still Keep Around

Even in a small apartment, there’s always a place for completely useless, ridiculous things. We keep them as a memory, thinking that it’d be a pity to throw them away, or we simply forgot that we even have them. And it’s funny when we find such things and remember how we got them in the first place.

We at Bright Side are sure that almost every one of us has a weird trinket hidden somewhere — and probably more. These 16 people decided to show to the whole world the obscure and ridiculous things they found at home.

1. “My mother-in-law asked her coworker to paint a portrait of my daughter in an Andy Warhol style. I love this painting, even though it’s ugly.”

2. “Allow me to introduce you to Catherine the Great. She was a Christmas present from my parents. I still don’t know what I did to deserve it.”

3. “I presented my mom with this turtle planter when I was 6.”

4. “This painting is about 3 ft in width, and it hangs above my couch.”

5. “This is Sid. He also has a lion’s tail. I love him.”

6. “This is a souvenir from a zoo. What animal it was actually meant to represent will probably always be a mystery.”

7. “I made this in a porcelain class as a child. I love how ridiculous and creepy it is.”

8. “I gifted it to a friend. At least, I hope she’s still a friend. She gave it back to me because, hopefully, she loves me so much.”

9. “This is the best thing I’ve ever spent $5 on.”

10. “Well, technically my mom owns this doll, but just look at it.”

11. “When we cleared out my grandma’s house, my mom insisted I keep this thing. I have no idea what it is.”

12. “We call it ’the evil shell cat.’ It also has a theme song.”

13. “My mom ordered a painting of my children. They don’t look anything like these scary things. I’d throw it out, but I’m sure it’d magically come back!”

14. “My grandparents have these horrible things made of real lobster claws.”

15. “My daughter at the age of 5: carefully and lovingly selects this as a gift for me. My daughter at the age of 12: ’Mom, why do you have that awful clock?’”

16. “My parents have this man on a unicycle in their bathroom.”

What are the weirdest things you keep? And why?

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