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16 People Who Convinced Us That Man Is the Most Unique Creature in the Universe

Our bodies are capable of doing incredible things. Even with years and years of research, we are still discovering new things that we wouldn’t believe were possible otherwise, like a study that shows how our hearts can sync to the rhythm of the music we listen to.

To show you some unique things about the human body, Bright Side prepared this list.

1. “The start of trench foot”

2. These tan lines make it look like he’s wearing pants.

3. “My left foot is 1.5 sizes smaller than my right foot.”

4. “I sweat so much at the gym today that I kept leaving human Disney sweat stamps with my hoodie.”

5. “I’m 25 and still have baby nails.”

6. “My scar doesn’t sweat anymore, so dirt doesn’t stick to it.”

7. “My new tattoo left a perfect imprint on the tattoo aftercare waterproof bandage.”

8. “These all started out the same shape one week ago. I guess my ring finger is underutilized.”

9. “My index and middle toes are connected more than normal (on both feet). My parents left it at birth cause they ’thought it was cute.’”

10. “I have hypermobility in my arms, so when I hold them straight up, they go up and out.”

11. “My hands after playing guitar for 2 hours at a shop local event”

12. “My foster kitten and I have the same eyes.”

13. “The veins on my wrist are shaped like a hand.”

14. “My hand doesn’t tan where I’ve had multiple IVs placed.”

15. “My hair before and after being straightened”

16. “I have a single 4-cm-long arm hair.”

Do you have a peculiar feature on your body? What is it? We’d love to know in the comments.

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