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16 People Who Have Some of the Most Unbelievable Collections

There are several reasons people decide to collect things, and one of them is their love for an object. Another reason is that maybe they want to learn more about something or use it as a way to show loyalty to their country or favorite sports team. No matter what, at the end of the day, collecting is a hobby that sets goals for people and gives them more purpose in life.

1. “Every $1 bill I’ve collected from tips over 2 years (roughly $1,600)”

2. This man collects apple varieties that don’t exist anymore.

3. “Here is my collection of smoll pencils. The 4 on the right are too big and currently in use until they fit.”

4. “My collection of exit signs (and a few fire safety signs)”

5. “My friend’s extensive Pringle collection wall”

6. “I have been keeping a collection of the tiny balls in pen ink cartridges since middle school.”

7. “I collect rocks that look like eggs.”

8. “My rubber duck collection”

9. “My uncle’s golf ball collection”

10. “My eraser collection”

11. “My collection of miniature chairs”

12. “Finally got some shelves for my Garfield collection!”

13. “A dad’s collection of every item he pulled from a flat tire over 30+ years as an auto mechanic”

14. “Shells I collected at the beach with my son”

15. “My brother-in-law has collected produce stickers for years and turned them into a ball bigger than the fruit they came from.”

16. “2 years of collecting sea glass”

Are you a collector of any items? If so, what do you like collecting, and how big is your collection so far?

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