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16 Real-Life Dramas People Witnessed on Public Transport That Are Better Than a Soap Opera

There are countless reasons why many people prefer to travel by private transport. The smell, having to walk... and the list goes on! However, passengers can sometimes make it more enjoyable thanks to their interesting stories. Below, we’ll tell you about occasions when public transport commuters found out about the not-so-secret lives of their seat neighbors.

  • A couple of friends who had not seen each other for a long time were on a two-hour ride. They talked about family, friends, and even their neighbors, and he asked her where she worked and what had happened with her boyfriend. She replied that they had broken up.
    Then he asked her if she could give him her phone number to ask her out for coffee. She told him her cell phone was damaged, but he insisted to no avail. The girl asked him to come by her office. She most likely gave him a fake address to get rid of him.
    She looked annoyed when he finally said he would get off the bus. Then the girl asked me: “Did you hear all that? So sorry. I had to go along with it because he’s not okay”. © Mariae Rangel / Facebook
  • I was traveling to another city, next to me, a lady was charging a phone. It was clear it was a satellite phone. She was setting it up, almost caressing it. Then, she dialed a number and, shouting, she told the person she was calling, but in a loud voice, “yes, wait for me with dinner ready because I had no breakfast.”
    Man, she didn’t need to use the phone. If she had stuck her head out of the window, the wind could have carried the message, and she wouldn’t have left half of us deaf. © Onaes Teodorakis / Facebook
  • On a 10-hour trip, a woman in the back seat called her partner every few minutes and was on speakerphone. He told her he was going out near their place and would go to bed early. She lied to him and told him she couldn’t book a return ticket for another two days.
    Two hours later, she called him again. He clearly wasn’t home, judging by the tone in which he spoke. But he said he was going home to watch a movie. She kept telling him she would be back in 2 days, but she was already 5 minutes away from home. I wanted to go with her to see the outcome. © Carolina De Cumbicos / Facebook
  • I have two commute blunders to tell. Firstly, I was focusing very much when talking to my mom. The bus suddenly slammed on the brakes, and wham! I fell to my knees in the aisle (thank God there was only one passenger besides us). Some other time, my friend and I stood up when the driver hit the brakes. We almost fell. © Eli Cüaüro / Facebook
  • Once, I was on a bus trip that lasted about 3 hours. There was a couple with a baby. They seemed to really love each other. They were talking and even kissing each other.
    At some point in their conversation, the man asked the woman: “So, how’s your husband doing?” I don’t remember how it all ended. Only a few will get it... © Kaylee López / Facebook
  • Once I took a tour that lasted more than an hour. I sat down and, in the front, a girl was talking to who I thought was her partner or husband. She was complaining at the top of her voice about him messaging someone. A mutual friend had told her this was happening...
    Picture this: the bus was full, and people were even standing. She was coming in the 3rd row, and the whole bus could hear how she found out, why she did it, etc.
    Fortunately, before I got off, I heard her say, “Well, behave yourself and transfer 30 bucks to my account to pay for services instead of going around texting people. You know that I’ll find out anyway”. Geez! But that seemed to be it. © Sandra Vallejo / Facebook
  • I was once on a bus, and a woman got a call. By the looks of it, her partner left with some blonde girl. She was on her way to the place to catch him, and all of us passengers were quiet. When she got off, someone said, “Who’s coming with me? I’m following her to see how it all ends”. We all started laughing, including the driver. © Jasna Mora Guenchur / Facebook
  • On a bus between cities, a guy told a girl all sorts of “facts,” and she would go, “Really! Oh, wow.” None of what he said was accurate for the whole couple of hours they sat behind me.
    The one that sticks out is about mad cow disease. He claimed that a disease had been going around cattle that made them cannibalistic. That mad cow disease resulted in zombie cows. © c-est-magnifique / Reddit
  • Overheard on a train: “Mom, please don’t call the police! I swear I didn’t mean to take the $100! I don’t want to go back to jail!” Sounds like there was a LOT more to that story, but the train pulled into a station, and he got out. © VrinTheTerrible / Reddit
  • I was giving a ride to a businesswoman and a man, and they were having a serious conversation about how to market a razor specifically made to shave women’s hair at 7 in the morning. © Shibby6939 / Reddit
  • I was studying abroad in Berlin, and these two guys on the U-Bahn (subway) were talking about how I was dressed. I told them in German that they looked like typical “douches.” They stared, shocked, as I got off at my stop. © riman8 / Reddit

What was the wackiest story you’ve ever heard on public transportation?

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