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16 Things That Could Easily Be Part of a Movie, but They Actually Happened in Real Life

Which of us doesn’t like exciting movies where the plot develops unpredictably and cool visual effects add an element of surprise? Sometimes life shows us stories that could be easily placed on the big screen: houses with secret rooms, romantic deeds, marriage proposals at dawn, and even unique findings.

We at Bright Side believe that real life has a lot of space for miracles and deeds that are cooler than the plot of any movie. How about you?

“This house I toured had a hidden entrance to their utility room.”

Never believe in stereotypes about female weakness.

“My grandma celebrating her 110th birthday.”

“I accidentally landed a dart in another dart while playing darts with my darts on a dartboard.”

“My dad took this shot of the sunrise at his work this morning and I thought he should share it on the internet!”

The first ring she got from her boyfriend was too big for her. After a while, he created an unexpected surprise for his girlfriend.

Neowise Comet flying over a fog wave

“My dad built me a makeup studio, from scratch. He’s never built or plastered before — this was his first time.”

“Me and my brother paragliding in the Italian Alps”

“I hit a ticket jackpot and started redeeming the tickets before they finished dispensing.”

“My little brother got engaged to an awesome woman last week.”

When someone knows really well how to diversify the monotonous traffic flow:

This rainbow appears to be coming from the roundabout up the road.

“Strange things are happening in the Hantsavichy District in Belarus.”

A bear stepped on the pool cover.

“This is me and my birth father in Russia. I was adopted by a family in New Zealand. He didn’t know I existed.”

Have there been situations that took place in your life that are worth putting on the internet?

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