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17 Exotic Plants That Seem Like They Could Be From Another Planet

We all love flowers and nature. And it seems that most people have at least a few flowerpots on their desks or windowsills. One of the most popular houseplants is the cactus, but Monsteria, Hoya, and different ferns are also fairly common and easy to recognize. But some houseplants are so unusual that we can’t take our eyes off of them.

We at Bright Side had never seen many of the plants in this compilation before, but internet experts correctly identified almost all of them.

“Saw these blue flowers that look like small wizards. Need some help IDing them.”

“Found this on a tree on a walk. My 6-year-old daughter desperately wants to know what it is!”

“Down by the lake, there are these weird flowers made up of hundreds of tinier flowers. I’d love to know what they are.”

“This plant has looked the same for 4 years. Suddenly these 2 things appeared, and they are freaking me out.”

“Figured it out: it’s a beschorneria. I think it’s feeling quite well, but I’m still scared.”

“This flower looks like a cupcake with beautifully piped icing”

“I don’t know who she is but she’s pretty.”

“Found this in a botanical garden. Can I grow the same from a couple of flowers?”

“I went out to walk my dog and came across this cute flower.”

“What is this deadly beauty? These flowers sprouted from nowhere, and then they were gone.”

“This stingy plant growing on my lemon tree.”

It’s Tillandsia. It’s an air plant that doesn’t need soil.

“Purchased without ID, please help!”

“A friend got these for my birthday. Just love them, but no idea what they’re called.”

“I’ve never seen anything like this. I think my flower is mutating.”

“Are these pink grapes? Or something else?”

Wild bush grape (Cayratia mollissima). The berries are toxic and may irritate your skin.

“I can identify every plant in this picture except for the long stock of pink flower buds... Help?!”

“Giant bush already ate our shed, now headed for the house!”

“Found this giant, can’t tell for the life of me what it is.”

  • It looks like some sort of tentacle from another dimension. Don’t touch it, we don’t need them knowing what people taste like. © dwooding1 / Reddit
  • Amorphophallus paeoniifolius, the whitespot giant arum. It grows a giant, weird inflorescence, and nothing else. © SCMtnGuy / Reddit

Have you ever had any unusual plants at home? Tell us about them!

Preview photo credit ARushandaPush / Reddit
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