17 Hand-Knitted Things Only a Loving Grandma Could Make

The love of a grandmother is as infinite as the beauty and delicacy of their hand-knitted gifts. Our childhood memories are always embroidered with their love and dedication that we preserve today thanks to the gifts they offered us back then. And the lucky people who still have their grandmas by their side can keep on enjoying things like their knitting, which as you will see in the article below, can sometimes be very original.

Bright Side admires the great results that come from the time and dedication that goes into knitting. And as a tribute to those loving grandmas, we decided to go ahead and compile some of their best creations that users shared online.

1. “These are some birthday presents my grandma knitted for me. I love the hat so much, and yes, I will be wearing it at college with no shame!”

2. When your grandma gives you Jeep accessories:

3. “My grandma loves knitting so I gave her a challenge. How did she do (considering that she’s never watched Arrow)?”

4. “Grandma made my daughter’s snake a hat!”

5. “A crocheted doll dress my grandmother made”

6. When your grandma thinks your bike is a bit too plain and lacks style:

7. “My grandmother crocheted around these ordinary Christmas bulbs before I was born. She made some every year. When I see them on my tree I smile because she would be so happy that I love them so much.”

8. “Modern problems call for grandma solutions.”

9. “My grandma made this for me and insisted I post it on Reddit. Happy Turkey Hat Day from my grandma and me!”

10. Maybe the grandma that knitted this thought that her grandson had a left leg that got colder than the right.

11. “My grandma (a legend) knitted the Infinity Gauntlet for me (hand modeling courtesy of my dad).”

12. “My friend just got this Christmas present from his grandmother.”

13. “My boyfriend’s grandma knitted these super thick sweaters/hats for our trip to Iceland. They kept us warm and cozy!”

14. “My 94-year-old great-grandma made this for me because she said it’s too cold. It’s 80°F outside.”

15. “I’m a crocheter. My grandma knitted these for me for Christmas and told me that it was about time I was spoiled since I’m always making things for everyone else. I love them! Seriously, my grandma is the best!”

16. “I was watching Pimp My Ride at my grandma’s last night and accidentally left the TV on. And that was her surprise.”

17. “Nothing better than proper knitwork and a proud grandma to celebrate Halloween!”

Which of these knitted masterpieces did you prefer? Which ones would you show to your grandma to give her some inspiration? Have you kept any of the gifts your grandma has given you? Take a picture and share it with us in the comment section!

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