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17 Inedible Things That Look Tastier Than Real Food

It’s stunning how many inedible things look delicious. There’s even a Reddit thread about these forbidden foods. On it, anyone can post a photo of something inedible that they’d love to try.

We at Bright Side have looked through all the posts in this thread and we started to feel hungry. Just look at how much glass can look like candy and detergent, like lemonade.

“I was shocked when my parents put this into their tea. It’s a hair conditioner with honey.”

“Which sauce should I use for this pasta?”

Actually, these are rubber bands.

“I made soap. My son asked to have a slice. I have to make him a real pie now to make up for it.”

Forbidden chocolate sponge cakes

“My friend made these Epoxy gummies. The real gummies I’ve made don’t look this good!”

“The cleaning lady took this from the bathroom and put it in the fridge.”

“My dorm is flooded with chocolate milk. We had a rainstorm and some construction going on near my dorm clogged the storm drains.”

Unfortunately, these are stones.

“Caught our Japanese exchange student who was about to drink this because it says ’soda’ and has fruit on the label.”

Looks like juice, smells like juice, and it comes in juice packaging.”

“Was making a candle and it fell apart before it was solid inside.”

“That looks unbelievably delicious, like the most decadent raspberry truffle. My brain knows it’s wax, but my body absolutely wants to eat it.”

“I thought this was salami.”

Candy made of glass

“My grandma keeps such candy in a glass cabinet. When I was a kid, I always saw them sitting there looking delicious, and when I asked her if I could have some, she didn’t even say they weren’t real, she just said no. That made me mad so I snuck into the living room one night to steal a delicious treat, and when I tried to unwrap my treasure, I broke off the little dangly bit that looked like the wrapper. To the best of my knowledge, there is still broken glass in grandma’s candy bowl to this day.”

Forbidden maple syrup that should be stored away from children

“For some reason, I was asked to mop the floor with ground beef today...”

“I had to read the comments before I saw that it wasn’t actually raw meat. I thought he was being pranked or worked at a Burger King.”

“Forbidden fruit — I bought these on Amazon.”

Liquid soap that looks a lot like milk

“I seriously thought it was yogurt. But it turned out to be organic fertilizer.”

What inedible yet tasty-looking things have you seen? Tell us in the comment section below!

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