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17 People Who Didn’t Let a Problem Stand in Their Way

It’s under pressure and when a problem needs solving that our creative juices really start to flow. This is true for most people here in the article who found astonishing work-around solutions, like using a bra to grow veggies. Not only are some of them brilliant, but they are also extremely creative.

At Bright Side, we are showcasing some of the best problem solvers of the year that we believe deserve credit for their creations.

1. “We all have one faithful bra that should’ve given up on us long ago.”

2. “I wanted to lay in the sun but also wanted to play some games. It was too bright to see the screen outside.”

3. “I guess ring lights aren’t just for influencers.”

4. “Relief station for pets at airport in Canada.”

5. “This crossing near where I live has buttons for horse riders. I thought it was quite unique and extremely British.”

6. “So, what’s the secret to building wealth?”

7. “Around 10 years ago I found a way to make raking leaves fun for my siblings and me.”

8. “Old cars becoming the river bank.”

9. Trey has sorted out his office situation nicely.

10. “Found an old cheat sheet in this hand-me-down TI-83’s case.”

11. “The handle on the microwave broke and this was the best solution they could come up with.”

12. “Improved washing-up experience by up to 3X, with new pump action.”

13. “An animated sky in the ceiling of this doctor’s office.”

14. This man’s pants have a fly pocket to keep valuables safe.

15. “My dad made me a cage to keep the critters out. It’s working so well!”

16. “Building management’s solution to someone punching a hole into the lift wall.”

17. “My friend’s work has an unorthodox solution for utensils going missing.”

What is your biggest pet peeve? Do you have any creative solutions for fixing something that is broken?

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